What Is The Branford Coalition?

The Branford Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking is a federally funded organization that is working to prevent underage drinking in Branford.

Coalition members include representatives from:

The Branford Counseling Center
The Branford Police Department
Local Government
The Branford Recreation Department
Faith-based Groups
Local Schools
Local Business Owners
Parents, Youths and Other Concerned Citizens…

What Does The Branford Coalition Do?

The Coalition sponsors events for youth and families, supports the enforcement of the minimum drinking age, and provides informational materials related to the prevention of underage drinking.

Why Is There A Branford Coalition?

Underage drinking has been identified as a significant problem in Branford. Minors are obtaining and consuming alcohol, which can result in risky behaviors. The Coalition is providing the tools to help prevent these behaviors from occurring.